Family Law Attorney Alpharetta GA

About Us

Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta: We are divorce attorneys focused primarily on divorce settlements


The firm of Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta is an accomplished legal team of attorneys dedicated to advocating the needs of our clients. We are board-certified in Family Law by the Georgia board. With our years of experience mediating and assisting our clients with divorce proceedings, we can assure you of tailor-made resolutions to your family law concerns.

Our tax law knowledge, financial acumen, research procedures, and extensive trial experience equip our attorneys with all the necessary tools and expertise to lead a forceful defense of all our client’s position. Whether we are handling an uncomplicated divorce or a tangled case involving business assets and personal feelings, our team of high-energy individuals will always work towards an outcome that is favorable for you. Due to our determination to ensure that the private interests of our clients are well protected, we have become the first choice for families seeking effective resolutions.

We can help you with spousal support, child custody or pet custody arrangements, separation of properties and liabilities and also post-marital agreements all cost-effectively and efficiently. In our dealings, we enforce the collaborative approach towards divorce. This way, the emotional burden and financial costs associated with divorce issues are significantly reduced. If the case eventually gets to a court of law, making litigation necessary, we will create a compelling case for you in the court of law.



Our Core Values

At Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta, we have a firm belief in the following:

  • Our Clients Always Come First

Divorce is an issue that is bound to affect your everyday life. Most times, you find yourself putting important matters on hold due to the emotional upheaval that divorce brings. Our attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that we remain easily accessible and responsive to your needs. The end goal is to provide that at the end of the divorce you can still go about your life with all things necessary to you still in your possession.

  • No compromise of ethics

We have strong ethical standards when it comes to dealing with divorce issues. Therefore, the following are principles we do not joke with:

  • Compassion: we are sensitive to the needs of our client, and every member of our team is committed to helping you attain your goal.
  • Discretion: you trust us with some of your secrets, and we ensure that these secrets do not go beyond the four walls of our offices. Whatever you entrust us with will be between our attorneys and yourself and would in no way affect our commitment to ensuring that your interests are protected.
  • Legal excellence

All members of our team at Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta have undergone the necessary legal training to make them an essential member of staff. The attorneys also receive legal training on an ongoing basis to ensure that their knowledge is still recent and they stay abreast of latest changes in the Georgia legal hemisphere. Our lawyers all excel in litigation and negotiation while maintaining the highest ethical conducts.