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The Divorce Lawyer of Alpharetta has served the Alpharetta, GA area. Our services have encompassed family law issues such as mediation, annulment, no fault, contested divorce and uncontested divorce among others. Therefore, if you find yourself in need of our attorneys for any of the services, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We are an expert law firm dedicated to our craft. We pay close attention to the smallest details and that is what makes us one of the leading firms in the Alpharetta region. We are well versed with the laws that govern the Georgia region and will put that knowledge to good use when helping you settle your divorce or annulment case.

We Help with the Process

Ready to commence the divorce proceedings but you find that the process is overwhelming? No worries! We can help you with it.

Deciding to divorce your partner is not any easy resolution but that is just a simple step compared to the whole process. There are still several things that need to be settled from deciding custody of the children, to deciding who gets ownership of the house and how the other assets should be divided. Naturally, you would like to ensure that the properties are divided in an equal manner and also that spousal and child support are fair.

At Divorce Lawyer of Alpharetta, our lawyers will help our clients to end the marriage as effectively and efficiently as possible. We understand the fact that divorces are different for every couple. We take the time out to understand the circumstances of the divorce and also explain the entire process to our clients before seeking the best resolution possible.

There are different options available when getting a divorce. We place priority on ensuring an out of court agreement. But if that is not possible, we help our clients prepare a proper case for a trial. Regardless of the situation, our firm will ensure that a proper solution and favorable outcome is obtained for you.



We Offer Consultations

Need to talk to an expert? Our phone lines are open to set a meeting. You can book an appointment through our online system as well. During the first meeting, we will help define the goals surrounding the divorce and also identify possible obstacles.

We also proffer solutions to these obstacles in the way of the divorce. Issues such as child and pet custody, parental visitation rights, assets division and the likes are also discussed. Our services also extend to providing the best advice on how to protect your interests. If you decide to retain our services as your legal counsel, we can begin the divorce process.

We Advocate for You from

Start to Finish

A lawyer that has your back? That is us at Divorce Lawyer of Alpharetta. We examine all the issues surrounding the divorce and try our best to eliminate the roadblocks. We are with you all the way and our team of experts will ensure the process goes as fast as possible.