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Our divorce law attorneys and mediators in Alpharetta offer assistance and expert advice in all areas of legal separation, divorce, annulment, and family law matters. We are regarded as one of the best divorce law firms in the Alpharetta, GA area. Our broad knowledge and years of experience handling divorce matters make us the best attorneys to have by your side when resolving disputes.

We work hand in hand with you and come up with collaborative methods of achieving your aim when filing for a divorce or separation. When considering matters that also affect children and assets of a couple, we ensure that our resolutions are made in a way that favors all parties involved.

We also help in preparing divorce settlement agreements to help reflect what you would like to happen after the break down of the relationship.
The service we provide also extends to in and out of court settlements. Whether you would prefer litigation or mediation, we are ready to help you. Our fees are also tailored to assist you in whatever way we can.

Below are some of the services that we render:



Having issues deciding on who gets to keep the house and how much child support should be paid? Well no problem, Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta is ready to help you arrive at a resolution that is favorable to you. We will help you prepare a proper case to present before the law court.
We are the only law firm in Alpharetta that can assure you of hassle-free and fast-track divorce service. We help you, and your partner agrees on issues regarding the settlement of assets, and if children are involved, we also help you determine child custody and child support issues.
Still not sure whether your marriage qualifies to be declared null and void in the court of law? Them give us a call. There are special circumstances under the law that is eligible for unions to be nullified. This can range from situations like blood relations to false consent. Feel free to reach out to us for more clarity on this.
Not looking forward to the process of sitting down within a courtroom to get your matters decided by a judge or jury? Then, why not contact us at Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta. If you need a third-party to serve as a mediator as you choose on the resolution of your affairs, we are the best lawyers to have aboard your team.
Never make the mistake of assuming that a no-fault divorce also passes as an uncontested divorce. The two have similarities as a no-fault divorce can lead to an uncontested divorce, but this does not make them the same. At Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta, we can help you distinguish between the two while making sure you receive adequate support for your divorce.
At the moment, you do not want to get a divorce but would still like to separate your assets from your partner while you consider certain things. No problem! We can help you with the process of filing for a legal separation.