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What is an annulment?

The legal procedure in which a marriage is declared null and void is called an “annulment.” According to the law, the nullity of marriage occurs when the court announces a domestic partnership or marriage as legally invalid. Due to the constitution declaring it invalid, it is likely that your partnership or marriage will be deemed as something that never occurred legally.

Need help in determining the legality of your marriage or domestic partnership? Then contact us at Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta. Note that marriage annulments exist in two forms:

  • Civil Annulment
  • Religious Annulment

The court is responsible for issuing civil annulments. Nowadays, to obtain a religious annulment, a civil annulment may not be required. However, if you were married through a religious ceremony, then it is essential that you consult the clergymen involved in the procedures needed for an annulment. But, if you are married through the court, then a civil annulment is necessary.



Reasons for an Annulment in Alpharetta, GA

In Georgia, there are different grounds or reasons an annulment of a marriage may be granted. They are:

  • Bigamy: a situation whereby a spouse despite already being married, enters into a second marriage.
  • Blood relations: the parties involved are related by blood.
  • Age: a party to the marriage as at the time of the union was not legally of age.
  • Consent: a case whereby either party in the marriage used fraudulent means to attain approval for the union. In this case, the fraud needs to be pertinent or have a direct effect on determining whether the party who consented to the marriage would have agreed if the matter had been known. Examples include lying about fertility or marrying to obtain a residential permit in a country.
  • Health: one of the parties has an incurable disposition. A typical example is the case of male impotence that affects a couple’s ability to have sexual relations. Another scenario is when one of the parties is not of a sound mind. That is, their mental condition prevents them from appreciating or performing the duties required in a marriage.
  • Coercion: marriage under duress.

How Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta

Can Help You

In Alpharetta, GA the individual asking for the annulment is the person tasked with providing proof to the judge. He or she must prove that one of the reasons mentioned above existed as at the time of the marriage. The proceedings are similar to that of an uncontested divorce is that one of the parties has to start the petition for an annulment to declare the marriage null and void.

If you take a look at the reasons we listed above for granting an annulment, it is quite clear to see that the scope of the circumstances is limited. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the experience of qualified Divorce Lawyers Alpharetta. Not only do we have a thorough understanding of Georgia annulment laws, but we also know how the rules are applied within the court system based on the cases.

We will help you asses the facts surrounding your request for an annulment and prepare a solid case for you to take to the court.