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What is a Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce sometimes might be unpleasant. A divorce receives the tag of “contested” when the parties involved are unable to settle on the division of their properties or child custody arrangements and child support. During any of these scenarios, the court is usually brought in to be the mediating party.

The court decides how to deal with the issues involving the parties requesting the divorce. The time span before a settlement can be reached during a contested divorce ranges from three months to over a year. The length of the divorce settlement is dependent on the willingness of the parties to reach an agreement, the number of assets involved and the age of the dependent child among others.



Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta Will Fight for You

Are you sure you can deal with the lengthiness and legalities of the divorce by yourself? This is where we come in. At Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta, we take care of all the pertinent issues that are bound to affect our clients in any way. We make sure that our clients do not come out as the losing party and always try to mediate the terms to favor the parties involved. We can assure you of our professionalism as well as our dedication to our craft. As a result of wanting to deliver the best results and services to our clients during a contested divorce, we employ the services of professionals to help in issues such as:
  • The use of forensic accountants to assist in the examination of assets owned by couples.
  • The use of actuaries to assess the value of child support that ought to help with maintenance costs.
  • The use of investigators to gather information that might not be easy to obtain.
We do not offer fixed costs for our contested divorce service as we know that every case is different. The amount of time put into one case might differ from another case we are involved in. Therefore, the costs are variable, but we can assure you of its affordability.

Contested Divorce


A contested divorce has the following stages:

  • Pleadings
  • Application for a trial date
  • The setting of a trial date
  • Search for documents
  • Investigations, request for more information and particulars
  • Conference before trial
  • Actual trial
  • Judgment

The procedures mentioned above can take time as getting a trial date is not easy. That is why we have divorce proceedings sometimes lasting for 3 months and some are going on for over two years. You need lawyers that will stick by you through the whole process, and that is one service we at Divorce Lawyers Alpharetta strive to provide for all our clients.

Whether it is helping our clients serve a divorce summon or annulment or prepare an ironclad case for our client to be on the favorable end of the deal, we are 100% dedicated. Our services are trustworthy, reliable and dependable to meet all criteria that contested divorce parties look for to ensure they are not left on the receiving end of a deal.