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What is Legal Separation?

Legal separation has some of the characteristics of divorce, but it still has its own unique traits. A legal separation is a civil suit filed by a partner or married individual who wants to stay in the marriage or partnership but wants to resolve specific issues such as custody rights, spousal and child support and also asset division. If you are in the process of filing for legal separation or need more information about it, contact us at Divorce Attorney Alpharetta.

In legal separations, the debts, obligations, and property of the parties involved are separated. A clear line is drawn between the ownership of property and the liability of each party. Therefore, the parties involved will no longer be responsible for one another.

Issues such as child custody, support, and visitation rights are also discussed and decided upon. Note that, a legal separation entails the continuation of the marriage or partnership of the parties. There is no termination of any health or life insurance.



Requirements for Legal Separation in Alpharetta, GA

The following issues need to be resolved for legal separation to occur:

  • Judicial approval of the division of assets acquired during the marriage.
  • Resolution of child custody matters.
  • Resolution of child visitation rights.
  • Agreement on spousal and child support.

For the effective resolution of the matters mentioned above, it is essential to gain the assistance of a Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta. We will ensure that all issues about legal separation are adequately addressed, and your rights are well protected. At Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta, we endeavor to meet the particular needs of each client and provide solutions that ensure a fair and equitable outcome for all parties involved whether through negotiation, settlement or litigation.

Why Consider

Legal Separation?

There are various reasons why individuals feel the right step to take to protect their interests is through a legal separation. During our years in the business, we have come across a lot of reasons given by our clients. Some of them are:

  • Religious principles against undergoing a divorce.
  • Health issues that require insurance coverage from a partner.
  • A party does not fulfill the residency requirements for filing a divorce.
  • Unreconcilable differences that are still being worked on etc.

Unlike divorce, legal separation provides the parties involved with an opportunity to resolve these issues amicably. It also leaves the door open for a reconciliation between the parties as technically according to the law they are still married. However, if during the separation, the parties involved decide to get married to someone else, then a legal action needs to be filed for divorce.

If you are still considering if legal separation, as opposed to contested divorce, works best for you and your partner, contact us at Divorce Layer Alpharetta. Our legal separation attorneys are focused on helping you with all your litigation issues or settlement problems. We will help you consider the best approach and also serve as a mediator to prevent escalation of issues.