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What is Mediation?

Thinking of how to resolve your legal dispute (divorce) without sitting in the four walls of a court? Then, why not try our mediation service? At Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta, we help our clients amicably resolve issues.

The act of mediation is an informal and private method of settling disputes. During the mediation process, we the third party help all parties involved arrive at an agreeable resolution. We do not force the parties involved to accept judgment as a jury or judge would do. Our job as the mediator is to help and ensure the parties arrive at an agreement.

Instead of arriving at an agreement based on what the law dictates, the parties focus on what they feel would be beneficial for them. However, the fact that the law is not wholly involved does not mean the rights of the parties are discarded entirely.



Why Mediation?

In the case of divorce, most individuals automatically assume that the court is the only place it can be resolved. They forget or are not aware of the fact that litigation is not only time consuming but also costly. Most times, when issues are taken to a court of law, it becomes risky as the terms or the swing of the gavel can be against you.

With mediation, you have an alternative method for resolving the dispute and often times, it yields better results within a shorter time frame. The Divorce Attorneys at Alpharetta, GA are leaders in employing the best alternative dispute resolution techniques to arrive at amicable solutions to divorce disputes. We have lawyers who specialize in mediation, and their credentials and success stories will impress you.

Also, the following are perks that come alongside our Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta Mediation service:

  • A choice of mediator
  • Speed of resolution
  • Affordable cost compared to litigation
  • Flexibility regarding time and place of mediation
  • Confidentiality of information provided during the mediation process
  • Mutually acceptable results for the parties involved
  • Greater control of the eventual outcome

How Our Mediation Process Works at

Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta

We ensure that the process of mediation is flexible for our clients involves. If you prefer a series of short mediation sessions or one long one, we can work according to your preference. We will act as a neutral party and guide you and your partner in arriving at a solution. Our mediation process involves:

  • Meeting the parties involved and getting a clear statement as to what they would like to achieve at the end of the process.
  • Discussing areas of compromise
  • Meeting the parties separately and explaining in detail what should be agreed upon
  • Arriving at a resolution

Our process of mediation is peaceful and aimed at ensuring that all matters are resolved within a reasonable time frame. The service we provide is affordable and comprehensive to ensure that no party is slighted.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us or send an email to discuss more on our mediation service.