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Most couples enter a marriage with the hope of it lasting for a lifetime. However, along the line life might get in the way. Now, according to the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, at least 50 percent of first marriages are likely to end in divorce. If that is the case, it is always wise to have Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta on the ground to help you protect your interests.

In Alpharetta GA, we are regarded as the go-to attorneys especially if you are in need of tough, high-energy, no-nonsense litigators. Our team at Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta always strive at delivering maximum results making use of knowledge on tax issues, property law, accounting principles, and family law. Our team is well read on the latest laws guiding divorce in the city of Alpharetta, GA and we have years of experience identifying salient issues to help build a compelling case to protect all your interests.



Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta Will Help You With:

In an uncontested divorce case, we can help with:

  • The valuation of assets in more than one state.
  • Valuation and separation of interests in jointly owned properties and investments.
  • Creating custody plans and child support settlement.
  • Establishment of trusts.
  • The division of outstanding debts among affected parties.

Divorce is no small issue whether contested or uncontested or settled in or out of court. Different parties are affected, and it is our job to ensure that all your interests are protected. Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta understands that complexity involving properties and families, and as a result, we make use of experts in forensic accounting, business valuation, and the likes to determine the value of assets involved and the percentage that rightly belongs to you.

There are cases where a spouse might hide properties to prevent discovery during the divorce process. No worries, we are really detail-oriented in our line of work and ensure that no stone goes unturned. With the help of our private investigators, we go the extra mile to discovering all material issues that can affect our client’s case.

Even with the fact that an uncontested divorce is being settled outside of court, it does not change the fact that time will be invested in ensuring that the parties involved do not feel slighted by the eventual outcome. From providing you with asset tracing services to helping with child and spousal support, we assure you of our commitment. We have been the divorce niche for a couple of years now, and we have accumulated knowledge and experience that should be of benefit to you.

What is an

Uncontested Divorce?

In Alpharetta, an uncontested divorce is a process whereby parties involved agree on specific terms for settlement of assets and sometimes child custody and support before a case is filed in the court. In an uncontested divorce or no-fault divorce, expenses are likely to be still incurred, but the overall cost is substantially lower than that of a contested divorce case.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta for amicable divorce solutions today!